ESRI Maui User Group

ESRI Maui User Group

The ESRI Maui User Group meets quarterly and tries to cover issues of interest to users of all ESRI products. Meetings include user presentations, product demonstrations and an open forum for questions and answers. The ESRIMUG coordinator is Bill Medeiros at Maui County GIS.

ESRIMUG meetings are free, however, we ask that you register in order to give us a head count. To check the meeting schedule and to register for a meeting, please go to the ESRI Hawaii webpage.

ESRI Training in Hawaii

There are regularly scheduled ESRI-certified classes in Hawaii. Check the ESRI Hawaii Webpage for more info on these classes and to register for these classes.

Other Regional User Groups

For information on other regional user groups, please check the ESRI user group webpage.

Maui GIS Web Pages:

Maui GIS Home Page
ESRI Maui User Group | Free ArcView Resources | ArcView Tips and Tricks
For more info Contact Maui GIS


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